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The Terrible Ms. Kantduitt

Ms. Kantduitt

I’m sorry she’s here. I’ve tried to block her out, but she keeps slipping through the security filters. She’s strong. She’s also evil and determined.

I’ve been dealing with Ms. Kantduitt for years. She invades my thoughts whenever I’m having trouble with a story. She tells me I’m not a real writer, that I’ll never be any good and I should just go weed my garden instead.

Other writers say she bothers them too. But I bet she picks on anyone who’s trying to achieve something.

Anyway, since I can’t seem to get rid of her, you should be prepared.

It’s possible she’ll sneak up on you while you’re writing. She’ll probably make some harshly disapproving noise, like a snort or a loud, annoying gasp. To see what made her react that way, you’ll reread what you’ve written. It won’t sound as good as you thought it did before she showed up. That’s when she’ll tell you it stinks and you’ll want to scrap everything.

Don’t listen to her. She just wants to make you feel bad – bad enough to quit.

Don’t quit. There is a huge difference between thinking you’ll never be good enough and accepting that maybe this time you used a few too many adjectives or your pacing is a little off or whatever else it might be.

Everything – absolutely everything – can be fixed. Once you’ve narrowed down the problem, you can practice and improve. Listening to Ms. Kantduitt will get you nowhere.

Get over being dramatic about it. Get real instead. Just write and then write some more. Never let Ms. Kantduitt win.

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Comments on: "The Terrible Ms. Kantduitt" (9)

  1. Ms. Kantduitt said:

    I am not evil. I am simply a realist, if any of you even know what that means. Which you should. If you don’t, I strongly suggest you find yourselves a dictionary and look it up.

  2. Dorothy said:

    Dear Mrs. Kantdoit,
    I don’t want to be rude, but you really are a hinderance to my creativity. Even though I’m supposed to be grown up, and even have grandchildren to prove it, I still think I;m supposed to mind my manners and listen to you.

    I wish you’d change your name to Mrs. KANdoit. But, I suppose that wouldn’t work either, because without you pestering me, I’d become too cocky for my own good. Oh my. Where’s the happy medium, Mrs. Eyeseeall, when I need her?

    Please, Mrs. Kantdoit, stay off my case. At least until I complete my story the first time. Maybe then, I’ll accept your advice on ways to make it better. Thank you.

  3. ok

  4. I never ever listen to her. She never bothers me because she has a hard time getting through my defence called OPTIMISM!!!!

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