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World-wide Celebration of E-books

Read an Ebook Week 2014Thousands of authors, publishers and retailers are offering free and discounted e-books to spread the joy of e-reading – including me.

From March 2 through March 8 you can buy e-book editions of Swept Up and No Ordinary Lizard for half the regular price. You can read these books on your computer, phone, tablet or any e-reading device you have for $1.50. And you can download the books to as many devices as you’d like.

 To get yours, ask your parents if it’s okay. Then, have them select this link and enter REW50 into the coupon code box.

 I hope you enjoy the books and I’d love to hear what you think of them!


Kid-friendly Writing Rubrics

kids zoneIntroducing kid-friendly writing rubrics and checklists based on the Common Core Standards. For 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. Right here, right now. 


Teachers: Fulfilling the Common Core Just Got Easier

lizard looking left

Leap into the Common Core 
with No Ordinary Lizard

These free writing guides fulfill all 10 writing standards in the Common Core by combining examples and activities generated from the middle-grade novel No Ordinary Lizard with the instruction and opportunities available here at All Write with Me.

Inside the Guides

  • Thought-provoking questions to facilitate opinion writing
  • Research topics to generate informative writing
  • Examples from the book No Ordinary Lizard to foster narrative writing
  • A list of standards addressed by each activity
  • Links to relevant instructional pages on allwritewithme.com

From the Book

  • Research topics in science, biology, mythology, history, oceanography, space and more
  • Character relationships, character growth, core themes
  • A variety of narrative techniques to emulate

Download your free writing guide
and start fulfilling the Common Core writing standards today!

3rd Grade Lizard Writing Guide

4th Grade Lizard Writing Guide

5th Grade Lizard Writing Guide

If you use Adobe Reader XI to view and save a copy of the writing guide, you can customize your guide by adding your own notes and highlighting your selections. These notes and selections can be removed/updated every year to adjust to the changing needs of your classroom.

Free downloads of Adobe Reader XI are available here.

These guides were developed by the author, Diane Owens, in collaboration with certified teachers Nancy Barth and Alyce McConaghy.


Teachers: Fulfill all 10 Common Core Writing Standards

Free and easy to use, these Writing Guides fulfill every writing standard within the Common Core State Standards.

Grade-specific guides developed for 3rd, 4th and 5th grades.

Coming soon!

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