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Poetry and Song Lyrics

I’m pleased to share two new poems, Freedom and Rosebud, and lyrics to the song Glory of the Dawn. All guaranteed to make you feel good. Thanks, Mikaela!

New Poem and New Revision

In her latest poem, Friendship Garden, Mikaela brings together two of my favorite things: friends and flowers. Perfect for spring. Perfect any time.

She’s also submitted the first chapter of her latest revision of The Magic Sword of Trestia. I’m truly impressed by the journey this story has taken and the time, dedication and talent that Mikaela has put into it.

I have removed the earlier version of this story so older links to it may no longer make sense. I apologize for any confusion this may cause but I know you’re going to love this latest revision. Excellent job, Mikaela!


New Poem, New Chapter and a Readers’ Poll

read imagine exploreRead Mikaela’s Poem and the next chapter of God is Now Here by selecting the links. Both of these submissions made me smile but for very different reasons. The poem is a funny and smart explanation of how many married people stay married. The new chapter gives Tina a hard and important decision to make. It also includes a poll asking readers what choice they’d make.

Welcome New Poet

welcome mat clip artGemx_the_writer started a great, new poem under Group Projects-Poems, called Time. Follow the link to add to the poem. Welcome to the site, Gemx!

New Poem

poetryAh, poetry. Perfect words arranged in the perfect order to create the perfect tone, the perfect rhythm and the perfect feeling. Read The Shack of Decision and see how Anne also uses poetry to show how different people respond to the same thing. Perfectly. Welcome to the site, Anne and thanks for sharing!

New Poem

dawnI love poetry. And poets. And Mikaela’s latest poem, The Dawn. Check it out. Bet you’ll love it, too.

When imaginations come together. . . cool things happen

surprising elementsMikaela’s been busy! She’s added to several group projects, including:

two stanzas to the group poem Unicorn

three trials to the Fantasy group project

and… and…

well, she also added quite a fantasy element to the Historical Fiction #2 group project. A bit unexpected. But it also struck me as extremely funny because.. well, because it was so unexpected! You should check it out. Maybe you could add more elements from other genres to this story? I think it’d be fun to mesh all the genres together. Fun to write. Fun to read. Of course, as always, it’s all up to you guys. (But I think you should do it. Really. Please?)

Group Poetry and an Idea for All Write with Me’s Birthday Celebration

teamwork clipartNeve has risen to the challenge and continued the group poem, Unicorn, with two awesome verses. Follow the link to see how she did it.

birthday-partyAwhile ago, Elsy asked for suggestions on how we might celebrate the site’s birthday, which is February 4. Mikaela responded by suggesting a writing contest. I’d like to know how everyone feels about this idea. Feel free to comment below.

Impressive Poetry!

unicornMikaela added two verses to the group poem, Unicorn. Follow the link and read the poem out loud to hear its rhythm, tone and pacing. Then, consider writing the next verse. Remember, anyone can add to group poems. Excellent job, Mikaela!

Two New Stories, Two Additions, and a Verse for Group Poetry

writing girlNeve started a new story, Infinity, by setting up her main character with this awesomely mysterious message: “And yet, one single star will change the course of history forever.”

She also continued Hunger (well-written, entertaining and exciting, but also frightening and gruesome, so you should skip this if stories give you nightmares) and added another verse to the group poem, Unicorn. As always, Neve’s beautifully descriptive language is sure to paint detailed images inside your mind.

Elsy started another great story called Now What? filled with characters you’ll love right from the start. She also continued Marcia with Chapter 3: Laughter and Tears. This story always makes me laugh but this time it also warmed my heart. Looks like Marcia has a bigger heart than she cares to admit and is starting to care about James and Lera.

Poor Kitty

catSee how Ink Wolf uses rhythm to help paint the picture of what happens to this poor cat in Down the Stairs.

New Addition to Group Projects

poetryMikeala came up with a fantastic idea for Group Projects: working together to write poetry. Someone would write the first verse, then someone else would write the second verse and so on. She’s done this with her friends and I think it sounds like a lot of fun.

So I’ve added a new section called Group Projects~Poems. You’ll find it listed over there on the right – keep scrolling down!

To get started, select this link: Instructions. You’ll find some topics you could write about, but don’t feel like you’re limited to these topics – you can start a poem about anything you wish, as often as you’d like. Just remember that if you’re starting a new poem, give it a title so I can list your poem under the Group Projects~Poems section for others to discover, read and continue.

Thanks for the suggestion, Mikeala – I love it!

Another New Writer

Please help me welcome Bfoot to the site. Bfoot is  an amazing poet! Follow the link to read Darkness then let Bfoot know what you think of the poem by leaving a comment. You can also find the poem under Your Writing on the right side of any page. All submissions are listed in alphabetical order.

I’m glad you found us Bfoot – I’m impressed!

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