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Two Additions and One New Group Project

author at workMikaela’s been busy writing and I’m pleased to say she’s sharing it all right here. Follow the links to read the additions then leave a comment to let her know what you think. I’m sure she’d appreciate it!

Read Chapter Five in her newly revised The Magic Sword of Trestia.

Read four new entries to The Spark Diaries.

Mikaela also started a new group project about a “tweetbird’. You’ll find it under Group Projects, Humor #2. Follow the link then select “Leave a reply” to continue this story.

Incredible work, Mikaela – as always!


Fantasy Group Project Alive and Well

teamworkMikaela has answered Annie Song’s plea to save the Fantasy Group Project with a time guard mouse. I can’t help but wonder what will happen next! Thanks, Mikaela. I was missing this story, too.

When imaginations come together. . . cool things happen

surprising elementsMikaela’s been busy! She’s added to several group projects, including:

two stanzas to the group poem Unicorn

three trials to the Fantasy group project

and… and…

well, she also added quite a fantasy element to the Historical Fiction #2 group project. A bit unexpected. But it also struck me as extremely funny because.. well, because it was so unexpected! You should check it out. Maybe you could add more elements from other genres to this story? I think it’d be fun to mesh all the genres together. Fun to write. Fun to read. Of course, as always, it’s all up to you guys. (But I think you should do it. Really. Please?)

Come Write with Us!

work togetherYou can write stories with other kids right here on the site. To get started, visit the Group Projects pages or select the links in this post. Shiloh313 has begun a really funny story on the Humor page. She’s also added to the stories already started on the Fantasy and Science Fiction pages.

We’ve got three writers working on the Fantasy story and four writers working on the Science Fiction story. It’s fun to see what happens to a story when different writers with their own ideas move a story along. I can’t wait to see which writer is going to decide what happens next. Feel free to add to these stories – I’m sure all four writers would love for you to join in!

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