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More than One Narrator

groupIf you’d like to read a fun example of a young writer using more than one narrator to tell a story, go to Elsy’s K.M.A. It’s funny, it’s entertaining, it’s exciting. And she’s done an excellent job of changing voice and perspective when she switches narrators. You’ll learn a lot from this one!

Marked Five, Now What? and an Idea for the Writing Contest

Elsy cranks up the trouble and mystery in two of her ongoing stories.

In Chapter 8 of Marked Five, we learn why being one of the chosen isn’t necessarily a good thing.

In the next installment of Now What? the ghost who’s been stuck haunting Kia’s room has found an unexpected way out.

suggestion_box2For the writing contest, Elsy suggested adding a requirement for the entries. For example, all entries could have the same theme or start with the same sentence or include the same character. I think this is a great idea. Let me know what you think.

Welcome New Writer & More Annavava

welcome_green_1Please help me welcome our newest writer, Bunnie, by reading and commenting on her story, The Wind. I’m so glad you found us, Bunnie. I love your story and can’t wait to find out what happens next.

Mikaela posted Chapter Three of Annavava. Follow the link for lots of magical surprises.


ghostRead the latest submission of Elsy’s Now What? to find out who else lives in Kia’s new house. Go on. You’re going to love it!

Introducing Writing Rubrics for 6th Grade, Too

6th grade rocksNot just for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades anymore! The site now includes kid-friendly writing rubrics and checklists for 6th grade. Based on the Common Core Standards. Free. Easy to use. Complete. Get yours here.

More Academy

quotation marksYay! Elsy continued St. Charles Academy with Chapter 6, “Enforced Bonding.” This chapter is a great example of using dialogue to make readers love your characters. It also reveals new and surprising information.

Infinity and Auras

infinity with auras colorsinfinity with auras colors


infinity with auras colors

As Neve continues Infinity, we learn a little more about Adreada’s tragic past.

In Elsy’s Auras, the gang finds a mysterious warning waiting for them at Rainbow’s End.


Marked Five and a Poll

In Chapter 7 of Elsy’s Marked Five, Mr. Wickener shares surprising news about the groups’ powers.

reader pollElsy wants to know which power you prefer. Let her know what you think by responding to her poll at the end of the chapter.

Two New Stories, Two Additions, and a Verse for Group Poetry

writing girlNeve started a new story, Infinity, by setting up her main character with this awesomely mysterious message: “And yet, one single star will change the course of history forever.”

She also continued Hunger (well-written, entertaining and exciting, but also frightening and gruesome, so you should skip this if stories give you nightmares) and added another verse to the group poem, Unicorn. As always, Neve’s beautifully descriptive language is sure to paint detailed images inside your mind.

Elsy started another great story called Now What? filled with characters you’ll love right from the start. She also continued Marcia with Chapter 3: Laughter and Tears. This story always makes me laugh but this time it also warmed my heart. Looks like Marcia has a bigger heart than she cares to admit and is starting to care about James and Lera.

Fantasy, a Request, and a New Poll

Elsy shared Chapter 6 of her ongoing fantasy, Marked Five. Follow the link to see which member of the group has gained the most control of his or her special powers.

birthday-partyElsy would also like to do something special on All Write with Me to celebrate the site’s birthday, which is February 4. If you have any ideas for what we could do, comment below or reply to Elsy’s original comment here (you’ll have to scroll down to find it – look for the date: May 20).

Trista and Mikaela created a new poll for their story, War of the Two Worlds. Follow the link to read the story and cast your vote.

Welcome New Writer

welcomeTrista, a new writer on the site, teamed up with Mikaela to write the entertaining ongoing story, War of the Two Worlds. In this first chapter, you’ll meet Daniel, a 16-year-old boy, and Fyre, a sprite from another planet who has some awesome powers.

Welcome, Trista. I’m happy you’re here. Mikaela, I’m glad you found a writing partner and that you’re sharing your story on the site. I’m looking forward to whatever happens next. You both have great imaginations!

A Book Report on The Hobbit

the hobbit book coverFollow this link, The Hobbit Book Report, to read an example of a well-written book report, written by Mikaela. This report provides plenty of clear, concise details about The Hobbit without spoiling the story. Mikaela also shares what she liked about the book and why. And, as an added bonus, she also provides a link where you can read the book online, for free. Sweet!


Welcome New Writer and More Marked Five

welcomePlease help me welcome Ink Wolf by reading and commenting on this writer’s ongoing fantasy, Misty Island. I know you’re going to love Ink Wolf’s imagination. I do! Not only are there wolves (one with wings and two tails) but there’s also a dragon teacher – yay! – a sea monster (who seems to be a bit clumsy) and some dangerous shadow creatures determined to destroy and conquer everything. Wow, right? I’m so happy you found us, Ink Wolf, and can’t wait to read more!

In Chapter 5 of Marked Five, Elsy shows us what happens to Barney and how Ashley and Chris help him out of it.

Follow the links to read these great fantasies and remember to comment – I know both authors would love to hear what you think of their work!

The Mystery Continues

mysteryMikaela added to the Mystery Group Project by having the strange female figure speak. 

The First of Many (at least I hope so)

unicornMikaela submitted the first verse of the first poem for our Group Projects Poems. The poem is called Unicorn. Follow the link to read it, add to it or leave a comment.

New Addition to Group Projects

poetryMikeala came up with a fantastic idea for Group Projects: working together to write poetry. Someone would write the first verse, then someone else would write the second verse and so on. She’s done this with her friends and I think it sounds like a lot of fun.

So I’ve added a new section called Group Projects~Poems. You’ll find it listed over there on the right – keep scrolling down!

To get started, select this link: Instructions. You’ll find some topics you could write about, but don’t feel like you’re limited to these topics – you can start a poem about anything you wish, as often as you’d like. Just remember that if you’re starting a new poem, give it a title so I can list your poem under the Group Projects~Poems section for others to discover, read and continue.

Thanks for the suggestion, Mikeala – I love it!

There’s More to this Story

surprise faceRead Chapter 2 of Mikeala’s Annavava and find out what strange things Annavava discovers in her new Hawaiian home.

New Fantasy, More Academy and a New Poll

vote pollThis weekend Elsy submitted the first chapter of a new ongoing fantasy called Marcia. She also submitted two more chapters of St. Charles Academy and created a reader poll. Follow the links for some highly entertaining reading (you won’t be disappointed) then take a moment to answer the poll. You’ll find it at the end of Chapter 5 of St. Charles Academy.

Reminder: Please please remember to include the name of your story – especially if it’s an ongoing one! Thanks.

More St. Charles Academy

Elsy reveals a little more about Savannah in her latest addition to St. Charles Academy. She also introduces Daniel, who seems really helpful and friendly, even if he is slightly… furry.

Yay, Dragons!

dragonIf you love stories about dragons, or stories about royalty, you need to read The Shadow of the Mountain, written by Neve. In Chapter 2, Neve introduces her royal dragons through description, dialogue and some family conflict. You’re going to love it.

Warning: Scary Stuff Ahead!

scared-man-mdNeve’s newest ongoing story, Hunger, is an incredible example of using specific descriptive words to set a mood. It made me nervous. It made me tense. It made me slightly sick to my stomach. But it was the full force of these emotions that made Neve’s story so exciting and so fun to read. This is truly captivating writing. It’s also extremely scary and gory. So if you’re not into that, or if scary stories truly scare you, I suggest you skip this one.

She’s also started another story that is a bit less scary and certainly less gory. The Shadow of the Mountain features a huge spider. (That’s the scary part. Neve’s so skilled with description that you’ll feel like the spider is right beside you. So if spiders freak you out, you’ve been warned!). Follow the link to see how Neve shares the thoughts and feelings of a spider. This is a great example of how you can climb inside a character’s mind and show readers what’s going on in there (even if the character isn’t human)!

Building Characters

show don't tellSee how Elsy uses description, dialogue, actions and reactions to show us her characters’ personalities. In Chapter 6 of Auras, Eva has friends who help her and enemies who hurt her. In Chapter 2 of St. Charles Academy, Kayla is getting to know the girls at her new school.

Notice that Elsy doesn’t label her characters – she never calls them mean or nice or sweet or snotty. Instead, she lets readers figure out what these characters are like through their actions and responses. Not only is this more entertaining, but it’s also more effective.

New Writer, Group Project Addition, Reader Poll, More Auras, New Ongoing Story

wowHelp me welcome our newest writer, Sohaina, by reading and commenting on this writer’s first submission, My Pets. Sohaina’s pets come from two different countries and sound like a lot of fun. Welcome to the site, Sohaina, and thanks for sharing. I hope you have a good time here. I’m looking forward to reading more of your writing!


Neve introduced a dragon to the Fantasy Group Project. (Thanks, Neve! I LOVE dragons!)

Mikaela created our second reader poll for her ongoing story, The Magic Sword of Trestia. She came up with a great question for this poll and you should go answer it now by following the link.

Elsy submitted Chapter 5 of Auras. I love how Elsy is building up to the approaching trouble from Jet and Zephyr, while also building on the trouble the main characters are currently having with their auras. Problems on so many levels makes for readers reading fast and wanting more!

Elsy has also started a new ongoing story, St. Charles Academy. You’re going to love her funny, highly-relatable main character and you’re going to love this character’s new school even more.

Lots of great writing again today! Remember to comment and let the writers know what you think.

Lots of Great Writing and Our First-Ever Reader Poll!

fantasy readGo grab something good to drink then hurry and come back. There’s plenty of great fantasy to read and comment on today!

In Chapter Four of Auras, Elsy cranks up the tension by letting us see how horrible the bad guys are.

In Chapter Four of Elsy’s Marked Five, you’ll be thrilled to learn what the title of this story really means.

Neve introduces a dangerous and deadly beast in her fantasy, Flight. She also requested our first-ever reader poll. I’ve included it at the end of her submission. Please take a second to add your vote to this poll. I know she’ll appreciate it!

I love being able to share all these great ongoing stories but remember: If you’re submitting a continuation of an ongoing story, please include the story’s name. We’re getting quite the collection and it really makes it easier on me. Thanks!

A FANTASTIC Idea and More Mystery, Too!

Elsy suggested a fantastic addition to the site: Polls you create for your own writing submissions. This is an excellent way for you to find out how others feel about your story, submission and/or writing. You can ask readers things like: Who is your favorite character? What is your favorite chapter? What do you think should happen next? For nonfiction, you could ask questions like: What fact did you find most interesting? What new thing did you learn? What else would you like to know about this topic?

I could go on and on, but as the writer, it’s really up to you. You create the poll’s question and the answer choices, then I’ll post the poll at the end of your submission. If it’s an ongoing story, I can post the poll wherever you’d like readers to tell you what they’re thinking.

Then, you can find out how readers are responding by selecting “View Results” at the bottom of your poll whenever and as often as you’d like.

If you’d like to add a poll to your submitted writing, you’ll need to include the following:

  • One specific question – this will be the title of the poll and what readers respond to
  • A few answers for readers to choose from – three to five choices would probably be ideal; but again, it’s up to you.

Fun, right? And it’s great information for every writer to have!

Not only did Elsy come up with this great suggestion, she also added to the Mystery Group Project, giving the main character a reason for being down in the basement while continuing the eeriness introduced by Mikaela. You should go read that, then add to the story. After that? I’m looking forward to posting some great polls, so you should get busy on those, too!

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