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Welcome New Writer

welcome matAnnie Song has added a lot of imagination to the site. Check it out.

The Dust Bunnies

Fantasy group project

Realistic fiction group project

I love your details and descriptions, Annie. Welcome to All Write with Me. I’m glad you found us!


Different Genres, Same Author

Different genres (types) of writing call for different styles. Today, Mikaela submitted a true story, My New Friend, and Chapter Four of her ongoing fantasy, The Magic Sword of Trestia. Follow both links to see how Mikaela adjusts her tone, style and tempo for each situation. Thanks for showing us how it’s done, Mikaela!

Great Examples

yummy_tnIn Chapter Two of Marked Five, Elsy has given us two great examples: First, an effective way of introducing a new character and second, how to make sure readers keep reading.

Elsy used a list of what Ashley cares about to give us a window into this character’s personality.  This list is perfect because it includes three things that are specific and relatable.

To make sure readers keep reading, Elsy planted a very effective seed of worry at the end of the chapter. She provided just enough details to spark curiosity while still keeping plenty of questions for readers to wonder about.

Elsy also added to the Historical Fiction and Realistic Fiction group projects.

Thanks for sharing, Elsy!

Welcome New Writer

pencilMegan N. shared her talent on All Write with Me today and I’m so glad she did. She’s been busy, too. Read her additions to the site by clicking on the following links – also, let her know what you think by posting a comment, or two, or three.

Better yet, let her know what you think, then add your own imagination to the Group Projects stories – everyone’s additions are welcome, including and especially yours.

Welcome, Megan. I admire your imagination and am so happy you found us!

P.S. This is not really a picture of Megan’s pencil. I’m sure she doesn’t bite hers. I picked this image because I’m assuming that if she does use pencils, she uses them until they’re gone. Like this one.

Now, on to the links:

For Plots – great ideas

Group Projects

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