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Another Lesson for Show, Don’t Tell

scary sea creatureWith Scary Sea Creature, Anne shares another example of how she changed a flat, telling sentence into a vivid picture.

Actually, Anne’s description of the sea creature was much scarier than this picture. Unfortunately, I don’t draw, so it was the best I could do with clip art.

I liked how Anne described the creature and also included a clear description of her main character’s reaction and response. Thanks for showing us how this is done, Anne!


New Writer Shares Writing Assignment

rainSee how Anne, age 12, pulls readers in by changing a “telling” sentence into a “showing” scene. It certainly worked for me! Anne’s strong verbs (pelted, squeezed, escape) and powerful images (gloomy darkness, fuzzy pink blanket) made me feel like I was right there with her.

Follow the link Camping Trip: Show Don’t Tell to see how this writer turned “telling” into “showing.” Then let Anne know if it worked for you too by leaving her a comment.

Excellent example of turning a drab sentence into a feeling moment, Anne. Welcome to the site!

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